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What is Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP)?

What is Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity Programme (ACP)? A Lifeline connection gives qualified households high-speed internet and phone service for no more than $30 a month. A qualifying household can receive 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 4.5 GB of monthly data. During the qualifying period, families must choose only one Lifeline service provider and de-enroll from the other Lifeline services. FCC rules prevent households from receiving more than one Lifeline benefit. Any home receiving multiple Lifeline benefits violates this rule, and the FCC will terminate the Lifeline benefit of all those households receiving numerous honors.

Lifeline internet service 

The FCC has a Lifeline program that discounts broadband and voice bills. Depending on where the household lives, Lifeline offers a credit of up to $9.25 per month on one of the participating wireless providers. The program also provides discounts on cellular services and fixed broadband providers. To qualify for the program, the household must meet specific eligibility criteria. Visit to learn more.

The program also offers household and business equipment savings, including modems/routers and PCs. Eligible families can save $100 on laptops, desktop computers, and tablets. All eligible household members must donate between $10 and $50. The discount will be applied to their monthly bill. In addition, monthly lifeline internet service credit is available to qualified households on government assistance programs.

Lifeline phone service 

Subscribers can get a credit on their monthly phone bill of up to 1,000 minutes, unlimited text, and 4.5 gigabytes of data if they join, Link Unlimited Talk, Text, and Data plan. This plan is available to those who meet the qualifications. However, it does have some restrictions.

The lifeline phone service monthly bill credit must be applied within six months after the customer has made an outbound call. Lifeline phone service providers must comply with all CPUC rules, orders, and decisions and the Public Utilities Code. These regulations also require carriers to adhere to the federal Lifeline rules. Applicants must not qualify for Lifeline without submitting proof of eligibility and should be at least 18 years old.

Affordable Connectivity Programme

Lifeline offers high-speed internet access 

Lifeline subscribers can apply for a discount on their Internet service through the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) to take advantage of the Affordable Connectivity Program. If you are already a subscriber to a low-cost broadband provider, you can opt-in for the ACP benefit by applying online. You will be notified if you qualify for the discount by your current broadband service provider. Otherwise, you can look for participating providers online.

The program works by offering qualifying households high-speed internet for no more than $30 a month. Eligibility for this program depends on income and household size. For example, people in low-income families are likely to qualify for the program’s discount. In exchange for meeting income guidelines, a home may obtain a plan with a 100Mbps download speed for $30 a month. In addition to the discount on service, these customers will get a free modem and access to Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the country.

Upselling is a business practice 

The term “upsell” refers to a sales technique in which a company encourages a prospective or existing subscriber to upgrade from one service plan to another. A prime example of an upsell when a company compares different broadband plans side-by-side and applies urgency to the more expensive ones. It also includes limited-time offers to push people into upgrading.

The purpose of upselling is to increase a customer’s net profit contribution. A company can categorize its customers into three groups: profitable, not-profitable, and very profitable. With a higher CLV, each customer will generate more revenue and free up more resources for acquisition. Upselling is a powerful way to turn shoppers into profitable customers and keep them returning for more.

Another example is cross-selling. This technique encourages customers to buy complementary products. For example, if a customer purchases a TV, the seller may suggest buying a surround sound system for the TV. Finally, Upselling is similar to cross-selling, but the proposed offering is improved. This technique also increases the average order value.